One of the key benefits of Mews is the way we have built the ability to sell beds as part of a dorm, so its a 2 dimensional room setup. For example, if you have a 4-bed-dorm and its fully available, we sell on all channels:

  • 4 beds AND
  • 1 x 4-bed-dorm

If you receive 1 bed booking, we automatically also stop selling the full dorm, as its no longer available, and we will only continue selling the 3 remaining beds.

Unfortunately this does come with some challenges at times, when a hostel is running high occupancy and most dorms have 1 or more beds booked, we will automatically close our sales for the full dorms if we do not find 1 fully free dorm. We will continue selling the beds until the last bed is sold.

Overbooking Slots

If a room or bed is placed in the overbooking slot, you have to resolve this as soon as possible. When that room is sitting in the overbooking slot for example for a 4-bed dorm, we do not know what the underlying bed type is, so it may be blocking the dorm, but its not blocking the beds from sales. So overbooking management is really important.

Availability Report

To manage the availability of the Rooms, Beds, Dorms, simply open the Availability Report and you can manage the different types of rooms. However note that if you close out a Dorm, it does not automatically close out the Beds, you have to close out both entities separately if you want to block sales.

If a lower room type is overbooked, it will automatically remove rooms/beds from the availability in the higher room categories, in order to prevent hotel overbooking. If you overbook a lower room type, you will most likely upgrade one of the overbooked reservations into a higher category.  

Find out more about availability management in this video.