How to manage the allotments of your Static Wholesalers (such as GTA, Tourico, etc.)  in Mews. Unfortunately as you may know, we do not currently have an automated tool for this.
However we do have a good suggestion that should help you manage it much easier.

Step 1:
Create a free product (such as breakfast) that is linked to the accommodation. 
  • The product would be called “XXX Allotment”
  • Product price is 0 Euro
  • Charged “per room night”
  • Options: consumed before night
You could create 1 product per travel agent for whom you have a allotment contract

Step 2
When you create the booking for this specific travel agent (these bookings are always input manually, as they come in by e-mail) you instruct the team to select the allotment product.

Step 3
Monitor the Rate Inclusion Report daily to observe how many rooms are booked from a specific allotment, per day. This will help you manage your Availability Report based on non-filled allotments.