There are 2 options:
  • First option: You will load Board rate (for example Half-Board) exclusive of products, as they will be added upon making the reservation. e.g. Rate - 100,- breakfast - 20,- lunch - 30,-. Total amount that guest will see would be 150,-. 
Products (breakfast,lunch) need to be created under services.

Please advise us which products should be included in each particular rate and we will set them up for you accordingly. We will subtract those products from the price set.
  • Second option: you will load Half Board rate as 150,- right away. No products will be added on top of it.
NOTE: First option will be more correct as you will be able to track by the end of the month exact revenue and your ADR will be not artificially increased due to included by default products as it does in second scenario. Also with the first scenario your Rate Inclusions Report will have content, as you have physical products included.