Great to hear you will be implementing the Mews Distributor (Booking Engine) into your hotel website. In this FAQ we would like to provide you with all needed information to get you set up, so that you can start selling.

Step 1 - API Documentation

The below link will take you to the developer documentation. This describes in details how to implement the Distributor on your website. Kindly provide this to your web-developer.

  • Via the documentation you can personalize fonts and colors.
  • Don't forget to set up Google Analytics, so that you can track conversion

Additionally you will also be asked for the Hotel ID, in this field use the following code: {HotelID}

Step 2 - Check The Distributor

Once the Distributor is implemented on your page, be sure to check the following:

  • All rooms to have photos loaded, and they are in high quality
  • All rooms, rates, products have descriptions
  • Your Terms & Conditions are linking to the correct document
  • If you have multiple languages set up, ensure that all languages are translated correctly for above mentioned fields
  • Ensure that also you confirmation e-mails have been translated in all languages.

Step 3 - Check the Payment Gateway

Once all content is checked, ensure that you make at least 1 test booking, and check if it comes in to the Mews Commander correctly and with a valid credit card on the guest profile (in the payments tab of the guest profile).

If you have any questions, please contact, and we will be happy to assist.