The Customer Statistics Report will help you to analyse your customers further and may generate more business. Here are some examples:

  • Compare Channel Manager & Booking Engine numbers versus Country of Origin. If you are seeing a lower number on the BE for a specific country versus the CM (relative), then maybe consider translating your website in that language. 
  • Male vs Female: I see quite an imbalance in male vs female customer numbers. If you then compare it via its origin of business, it may give you a clue where this imbalance comes from. For example in 1 hotel I noticed that the website numbers were much more equal than the OTA’s (where more males booked). So maybe its in the descriptions on the OTA’s?
  • Room Types vs Male/Female: who is more likely to buy upgraded rooms?
  • Room Types vs Origin of business: which source of business is booking your higher room categories?
  • Etc