It can happen that you notice that rates for individual nights of a reservation that came in via Channel Manager are different in the PMS from what you see in the OTA and Channel Manager confirmation itself.
The answer is (unfortunately) rather complex.

This difference usually happens when the reservation includes some products (or city tax).

When a product is added (ie. breakfast), it may occur that the rates of the individual nights differ, but the total revenue of the booking is 100% correct.
When there is a package with a product that isn't charged per person per night, but is only charged "once" (for example a welcome drink) – the system needs to decide from which night the corresponding amount will be deducted and then add the amount to another night.

Unfortunately finding a better way to calculate the per-night revenue is a complex technical logarithm that won't be easy to implement.

Important is, that the total amount for the booking is correct.