We often receive requests to switch off the automatic email Your account has been created.

This email is being sent to every guest whose profile was created in Mews (usually by creating a reservation).

It is not possible to switch it off due to upcoming changes in law.

Next year across the EU there will be a new law called GDRP, where the guests must have access to their data. The guests need to be informed where and how their data are being stored.

If they wish to amend or delete their personal data they should have full access to do so.  This is the reason why we cannot switch this off. 

In addition to that, the guest fills in the data by him/herself, this means better data accuracy and it enables the guest to check in online and speed it up the entire check in process, leading to a better guest experience

Moreover the customer will be part of the Mews Database which allows him to contact any of the Mews hotels via message and log in in any Mews hotels and use the benefits of Navigator Concierge Service application. 

From the property point of view, having a properly filled out database means that this data can be used for better customer analysis and better marketing.